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February 14, 2010
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The trip home was irritating, to say the very least. Riiko felt like an idiot as he stormed back to his home in the woods. At first, he thought that perhaps the farmer had mispronounced the name or something of the like. But it wasn't long before Riiko found out that the man truly had been lying to him. And he knew why, too. More then likely, he had done it under orders of Bonkotsu. Riiko shouldn't have been surprised. Thankfully, anything worth stealing was either on his person or hidden away perfectly. He might be out the blanket on his bed and the meat on his wall, but nothing he couldn't replace. As for Kyou, he was confident that the neko had kept himself out of sight during the attempted ransacking. Kyou knew that he was no longer a Thief. And so there was no need for him to be discovered by Bonkotsu or his men.
As he approached his hut, he saw the usual damage. It was a bit minimal, but he didn't mind it much. The fire bit had recently been used... there was fresh ash in the pit and a skewer laying beside a small pile of fish bones. It was very early in the morning – the sun would be up in a matter of hours. Riiko knelt beside the fire pit and picked up one of the rocks. Turning it over, a wooden latch stared in front of him, the entire thing made of the same substance. He unhooked it and put in the money he was to use for the trip. After which, he latched it up and set it back down with the other rocks. He then trudged to bed, yawning to himself. The minute he stepped inside, he noticed two things.
Number one: Kyou was curled up in bed, and had kicked the blanket to the floor in his sleep. Number two: a large, dark red stain sat just below Kyou's ankles and tail.
For a moment, Riiko couldn't breathe. The smell of dried blood lingered in the air, the scent lingering at the back of Riiko's throat, nearly making him gag. He wasn't able to do anything for a second but stand and stare. Finally, he snapped himself out of it and bent down beside the neko. Blood was smeared in between his thighs, and against the base of his tail. After staring at the splatter for a moment, he leaned forward and shook Kyou's shoulders. The neko made a wordless noise and let his eyes flutter open. Riiko stared at him with a firm, worried gaze. Kyou almost looked confused.
"Why?" he asked softly. Kyou remained silent, though his ears began to lay down a bit. "Why did you let him do this?" Again, Kyou said nothing. Pain shot through his heart as memories began to flood back to him. Rage began to boil over within his body. He knew that Kyou could have remained hidden. He knew that the neko was more then capable of protecting himself. This wouldn't have happened if he didn't want it to, at least in some degree. Riiko's eyes grew livid as Kyou remained silent. "Don't you have an answer?" he asked, his voice with a sharp edge to it now. Kyou stared up at him before rolling to his side, his back to the assassin. Fury welled within Riiko's breast as he stood. His hands balled into fists to keep from shaking. After a moment of silence, Riiko let out a yell and kicked over his katana holder.
It went to the floor with a loud clatter, the sudden change of atmosphere making Kyou jump a foot in the air and hunch himself into a corner. He watched, surprised and a bit afraid, as Riiko threw his small wash tub against the wall, water spraying everywhere. He knew Riiko to be so calm and collected... This side of him... it was frightening. More frightening then Bonkotsu's temper. Riiko slammed his fist into the wall, knocking off the few pieces of meat that were left hanging. He was so furious. He swore, he raged, he threw whatever he could get his hands on. But after a while, he paused to catch his breath. Kyou wasn't aware that he had dug his nails into his legs while he watched. Finally, things began to settle. Kyou, noticing that he had broken the skin on his knees, took his nails away and timidly licked his new wounds. Riiko watched him over his shoulder before calming his hot blood and grabbing a wash cloth. After wetting it, he approached the neko, Kyou tensing sharply the closer he got. He stood a foot away from the bed, back to his collected state of mind.
"I won't hurt you," he said, his voice empty. Kyou kept his eyes on the man before reacting. Not by much, but enough to show Riiko he could move closer. The man knelt beside him and wiped off the fresh blood from his knees. "Spread your legs." Kyou got a sudden fear that he would do as Bonkotsu did, but obeyed. He shivered as Riiko cleaned him with the cold water on the cloth. Kyou's ears flinched every so often, but he said nothing against Riiko's actions. The man, meanwhile, kept his attention focused on what he was doing, his heart heavy.
"Is this how it's going to be from now on?" he asked, almost to himself. "You're just going to let him do as he pleases if you two ever happen to meet in passing?" He finished and then poured a bit of water on the bloody stain of his bed. After scrubbing it as best he could, Kyou still hadn't given him an answer. He turned his harsh eyes to him. "Well?" he asked bluntly. "Do you have an answer or not?"
Kyou remained silent, his tail curling around his ankles and his knees pressed together. Riiko felt anger flair up again, but he with held himself. He let out a sigh, sitting beside him on the bed. Kyou watched curiously to see what Riiko would do. The man turned his green eyes to Kyou, staring at him firmly. "Don't you understand?" he asked firmly. "You don't belong to him anymore." Kyou felt a thrill shoot up his chest as Riiko said that. "He doesn't care about you."
Kyou felt the truth of his words crash his world. He shook, tears welling in his eyes. Despite the pain of being used, or the burning of his wounds, nothing hurt quite like that statement. In a sudden move, Kyou swiped Riiko across the face, leaving three claw marks on his cheek. The neko then got up and rushed from the hut, clamoring up onto the roof. Riiko did not follow. Instead, he sat there for a moment more, not reacting at all to the scratch. Above, he could hear sniffling. Defeated and dejected, Riiko stood and began to clean the scratch before it got infected.
This is short, but it serves its purpose.
Poor Kyou D: And Riiko D:
Tprinces Feb 18, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
lol yes...
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