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<Clandestine-Assassin>Pleasant dreams kept Makota company as he slept in the hospital. He dreamt that he was back at the South Pole, with Kupo as a puppy, and him as a young man. It was before anything in his life had gone wrong; he didn't know Konoka yet, he wasn't hurt, his father didn't drink... His eyes opened and he sighed. Staring at the white walls of the hospital. He felt much better than he had the day before on the operating table, but he was still very sore from both his surgery and wounds from the fight. He looked next to him and found a glass of water, then smiled. He bended it around, making it into snakes, dogs, hearts, amusing himself before he drank it. He frowned when he did. His mouth tasted like blood. "Gross..." he muttered. He yawned, then looked around the room to see if Gui or Jingfei was there to keep an eye on him.

<Tprinces>He had at least one thing right. Jingfei was there, sitting next to his bed, Kupo's head resting in her lap. When she saw Makota stir, she sat up straight with a smile. "Hey... How you feeling?" She scooted herself a little closer to Makota, elbows on her knees. "Any better? The doctors say you're already recovering amazingly."

<Clandestine-Assassin>He looked at her and smiled, "Yeah. Still sore and everything, but I'll manage." he said with a smile. "So was it Gui in hysterics or the trail of blood that brought you here?" he asked with a dry smile. "How is he, by the way? I remember talking to him yesterday, but I was hardly conscious... I remember him crying a lot and saying that I had to live through this... Something about being my boyfriend, too... But the details are all hazy." he said, then looked down and blinked. Due to the nature of his injuries, they had no given him a gown. He sat up and looked down at himself, "New shoulder, giant scar... Damn, I got really beat up..." he muttered as he stared at his new crescent shaped scar and his steel shoulder.

<Tprinces>Jingfei's smile got a little bit pained. "Well uh... He's been busy, you know. With the prep for the pro-bending ball..." A moment passed and Jing quickly cleared her throat. "Yeah. Honestly, I'm really surprised you lived. Not many do after an attack like that..." Jing might not have been there, but she heard enough. And she saw all she needed. The day prior, Jingfei had gone home only to find no one there, and the back yard torn to hell, a pool of dried blood in the rubble. Thinking of nowhere else to go, she went to the hospital. It was there that she found her cousin looming over an unconscious Makota in this very hospital room. Jing had never seen Gui the way she saw him that day. His face was completely paled over, his eyes sallow and blank. All he could do was stare and mindlessly pet Kupo. That in itself was enough to take Jing aback; Gui would never pet Makota's dog. When Jingfei asked him what happened, he gave her the rundown as quietly and as steadily as if he was telling her what he had for breakfast. She quickly realized that it was the only way he could tell her without breaking down. Jingfei convinced Gui to go home with her. But that morning, when she tried to get him to come with her to the hospital, Gui refused, staying in his bed. "But that shoulder's pretty cool," she said suddenly. "I've never seen something like that before. And I've seen a lot of inventive medicine..."

<Clandestine-Assassin>He looked at her and frowned, "He's not here...?" he looked down, tears coming to his eyes, "...I really thought that he cared this time..." he mumbled, then bit his lip and sighed, quickly bending his tears away. "Y-yeah I guess it is." he said, looking at it, "It's really amazing what those metal benders can do." he said, then touched the cold steel. "Heh... I bet I'll look pretty bad ass from now on. Those gang members won't be picking fights with me anymore." he said with as much of a grin as he could manage. Kupo looked up at Makota, then barked in agreement, wagging his tail. He jumped on the bed with his paws, looking down at his master and licked his face. "Heh, well at least someone's glad to see me alive, right big boy?" He said as he was licked further.

<Tprinces>Jingfei kept her sad smile. "He... does care but... you know. Life gets in the way..." She felt so bad, lying for Gui like this. She wanted to tell Makota that he'd practically been torturing himself this entire time over what had happened. That hurting Makota was killing him. But she knew Gui wouldn't want that. He never wanted to seem weak. "I'm sure he'll be by again soon," she insisted. "Besides, he was up for hours when I came. He needed a shower and sleep, you know?"

<Clandestine-Assassin>He sighed, "So making an appearance at a ball he doesn't even want to go to is more important than making sure I'm not dead?" he grumbled, then laid back down, "I guess I should have expected as much... He never seemed to care about me before." he said. A knock came at the door. Konoka stood there with some flowers in her hands. "Hey, mind if I come visit?" she asked, not waiting for an answer as she walked in and set the flowers down. Makota glanced at the card; Konoka had signed Gui's name on it... He smiled. At least she was trying. "Hey kid." he said, looking up at her. She smiled, then looked at Jingfei, "Oh, we met at the party the other day." she said with a nod as she sat down next to her. Her eyes were very caring and mother-like, and for once, Makota seemed to be enjoying her company.

<Tprinces>"O-oh yeah." It was not the most comfortable meeting in the world, but she surely remembered it. "Of course. Nice to see you again." After what had happened, she was surprised Konoka came at all. But glad. Anything to direct the conversation and Makota's focus from Gui. Jingfei put her hands on the edge of her seat. "Those are some pretty flowers. Did you get them at Mrs. Haun's shop? She has some great ones, doesn't she?"

<Clandestine-Assassin>Konoka nodded, "Yes, you'd be amazed how some flowers lighten up a dreary hospital room." she said. "These ones are called OceanBlooms, they only grow on the fire islands, and are blue like the ocean, much unlike the red plants that are normally found there. I thought a little blue would make my little water bender happy again." she smiled. Makota seemed to be annoyed with the 'My little water bender' comment, but let it slide; not much he could do anyway. She looked at Jingfei, "Where's your cousin?"

<Tprinces>"Um... busy..." Jingfei shuffled her feet. "Oh!" Suddenly, she remembered something. "I brought you a present!" Reaching into her inner pockets, she pulled out what looked to be a sort of pear-shaped metal toy, made to look like a turtle duck, but with no feet or flippers. "I normally make stuff that goes with firebending, but you being a waterbender and whatnot..." She unscrewed it in the middle and scooped a bit of the water from the flower vase before fastening it back on tight. "Now..." She set it on the bedside. It swayed back and forth before settling on its rounded bottom. "It's a water dancer! Go ahead! Make it spin or whatever you like!"

<Clandestine-Assassin>Makota looked at it and smiled, then bended it, grinning in amusement as the turtle-duck danced for him. "Thanks Jingfei, I love it." he said as he continued to play around with it. Konoka gently took Jingfei's hand and lead her out into the hallway, "Hey, I'm worried about Makota... I've been asking around, and this isn't the first time that Gui has hurt Makota... Are you sure that this won't happen again?" She asked, "I don't want to see a sweet boy like Makota with someone who will beat him."

<Tprinces>Jingfei's eyes were sympathetic. "I... I dunno," she said honestly. "He was a wreck when I saw him. Apparently, the doctors said he never left his side until I took him home. I mean... he's never hurt anyone like this before, really." But then again, he'd never fought a novice like Makota, either. "I really hope so, Konoka... but I... I can't say for sure. Gui is-" "I'm what?" Jingfei jumped and turned to see her cousin standing behind her. Well... he certainly cleaned up after being such a mess that morning. His hair was combed, he'd taken a shower and changed. Surprisingly enough, he actually wore a shirt. Jingfei didn't quite know how to react. "You're... here..." "Well duh. How is he? Is he awake?" "Y-yes..." "Good." Pushing past them, Gui stepped into Makota's room, but did not come within five feet of his bed. "Hey there." His smile was snarky. Not at all the smile one would comfort another with. Then again, it was Gui. But instantly, Jingfei noted something... off... about her cousin. "You still breathing, sprinkles?"

<Clandestine-Assassin>Makota perked up the moment he saw Gui. He hadn't expected Gui to be all crying and apologies, so he wasn't exactly let down by his mood. "I told you, it takes more than THAT to get rid of me." he said with a smirk. He sat up, the blanket falling, showing his large scar. Makota's playful eyes turned serious, "I'm glad that you came to visit." he said, "I remember you yesterday... Doing and saying things you'd kill me for if I repeated." he said with a chuckle, "I don't remember the details, but I know the points of the conversation... So when are we going on that date you promised?" he grinned.

<Tprinces>Gui was quiet for a moment, his smile gone. Jingfei could see something in his eyes. If she had to peg it as anything, she likened it to some sort of storm. That's when he did something that took them all by surprise. That snarky smirk came back to his face and, with his eyes closed, he laughed. Cruelly and coldly. "Oh... So you remember all that, huh?" He nonchalantly put his hands behind his head, leaning against the wall. "And here I was hoping it'd all be a bad dream for you." His eyes opened and he stared straight into Makota's. "I mean... come on. You didn't actually believe all that crap I said, did you? I told you, I don't do boyfriends. And to be honest, that new little shoulder pad you've got is pretty ugly. So it's not like you're even cute anymore-" "Gui!" Jingfei could take no more of this, her mouth hanging open in shock. "What are you-?!" "What I should have done a while ago." Hands in his pockets, Gui turned towards the door. "You're more trouble than you're worth, kid. I came here to pay your hospital bill. But the minute you get out, you find another place to stay."

<Clandestine-Assassin>"..." Makota stared at him, eyes wide and tearing quickly. The color in his brown skin faded to a color similar to chocolate milk. Then, that spark came back to them. Konoka was the first to notice it, she tugged on Jingfei's arm, "We need to go NOW." she said and rushed out of the room, hoping the firebender was wise enough to follow her. Makota glared at Gui, "No. That is NOT going to happen you pompous, egotistical fuck!" he yelled, standing up, wincing at his scar. He bended the water out of the baggy that kept him hydrated, falling weakly to one knee, but quickly getting back up. He turned them into two knife-like ice blade, then bended them quickly, faster than Gui had ever seen a water bender do, with their aim to leave an X scar on his chest and land him in the hospital himself. "You're lucky you're here. Else you would have died alone, like you should." he growled hatefully, then went on with his lightning fast ice attacks.

<Tprinces>Gui didn't even try to stop him. Jing, however, did. Quick as she could, she rushed forward and grabbed Makota's shoulders, keeping him from attacking Gui. This in turn left a few nasty cuts on her arms, but that wasn't important right then. "Help! Someone!" The room was soon filled with doctors and nurses, a few of them waterbenders themselves. They took away his ice weapons and quickly got him into bed. One of the healers managed to numb him a bit while he was restrained. Gui watched, his face blank, before turning sharply and heading down the hall. Jing, furious beyond belief, rushed after him. "Gui!" she barked. The earthbender stopped, but did not turn. "What was that?!" she demanded. "How can you be so- so-!" "I was just telling the truth." "Bullshit!" Jingfei was so angry, her breath had sparks with each huff. "You care for him! You know you do! Why are you so insistent on pushing him away?" Gui took a moment to answer, staring at the floor. Slowly, he shifted his head towards Jing, though he didn't turn to see her. "It's better this way." That caught her off guard. "What?" "It's better if he hates me, Jing." Slowly, he lifted his head. True guilt sat there. It was the same guilt she saw that morning. The day before. "Now he'll stay away from me. Far away. That's what's best right now." Jingfei's heart fell, but she knew that he had a point. She opened her mouth to say something else, but Gui didn't stay to hear it. Turning, he marched his way out of the hospital, leaving the firebender alone with her thoughts.

<Clandestine-Assassin>A week or so passed, and Makota was finally allowed to have visitors again. The nurses promised Jingfei that he was calm now, but that he really wanted to see Gui. Makota sat in his room, playing witht he toy that Jingfei had made him the week before. He sighed, looking at the flowers with Gui's name on them. He often did that, just read his name. He looked down. What had Makota done wrong? Did he say something that made Gui want to hurt him so badly? He sighed deeply, wiping his eyes to be sure that he wasn't crying.

<Tprinces>"Hellooo..." Jingfei poked her head in and smiled. "Hi there..." She held up a small, wrapped up bowl of noodles. "Thought you might want something other than hospital food..." She seated herself beside Makota and set the bowl in his lap, handing him chopsticks as well. "I wasn't really sure what kind of noodles you wanted, so I just made you some Flamio's. I hope they're ok. I burned the last couple of tries..." She let her elbows hang from her knees, shoulders hunched a little. "So... how are you doing? I tried visiting earlier, but they kept visitors from you for a while I guess..." Not surprising after what happened.

<Clandestine-Assassin>He sighed and nodded, "Thank you." he said and started to eat, then nodded, "Yeah, I lost my temper." he said, "Konoka was smart to leave... I hope I didn't hurt you too badly." he said, "It was meant for your pig-headed cousin... Who I'm still on a mission to make my boyfriend." he said with a smirk. "After what happened during the surgery... I think he was just trying to ward me away." he said, "When they were operating, he held my hand, told me how sorry he was... He cried a lot... He told me that if I lived through it, then he would do anything I wanted..." he said with a sad smile, "I won't let such a promise go unkept. He means too much to me, and I mean too much to him. Besides, it's not like this will ever happen again. I don't plan on practicing with him ever again. We both get too worked up, and too excited... But... I was thinking..." he looked away, "Maybe I should go up north to learn bending. All I know comes from scrolls. I only learned healing when I went up there." he said, "If I learn how to fight, and do it right, then this can't ever happen again... Right?"

<Tprinces>Jingfei shifted a little uncomfortably at the prospect. "Well if it will help you get better at bending but..." How much should she say, really? "Makota... Listen. I don't think trying to approach him is such a good idea. It's just going to make him pull back more. On top of that, I really don't think he'd ever make good on that promise. He's..." Her words had stopped short and she turned away. Might as well tell the truth. "Well... he's a wreck after what he did. He can't stop blaming himself. And he's – well, he's convinced that the only way to make sure this never happens again is if he stays as far away from you as he can."

<Clandestine-Assassin>He looked at her, "Jing... I love him, a lot." he said honestly, "I told him that from now on, I wanted to share his moments with him... Even the bad ones." he said, "I need to let him know that I forgive him, and that nothing like this will ever happen again. If anything, it's my fault for asking him to train me. I should have known that he would get a high like I me." he shook his head, "It's not his fault at all. It was an accident. Nothing more. He didn't MEAN to do that, we were training. I mean, my shots could have inflicted the same damage onto him if he didn't move right. He practically did the same move that I had, but I didn't dodge it right." he said with a smile. "It's not his fault at all, and I'd never blame him for it."

<Tprinces>"I know that," said Jingfei sadly. "But that's not how he sees it..." She rubbed her hands together. "You know that scar he has on his shoulder? The one he got when he was a pro-bender? Well... ever since then, the thing he hates the most is an unfair game. A cheater, I guess. What happened aside, he feels like he broke his own rule, you know...?" Jingfei looked at her gloves, picking at the leather. "I guess he just doesn't trust himself anymore. And that's not something you can fix..." Meanwhile, in the lobby, that same earthbender in question came towards the front desk. The nurse looked up from her paperwork. She smiled kindly. "Back again, I see. Every day this week..." "Can he see people now?" "Sure. I'll let him know you're-" "No. Thanks... I don't want to talk to him. Just..." The nurse frowned a little, but nodded in understanding. "Same as before then. Alright, go on." Gui nodded and then headed upstairs towards Makota's room. The door was open. He must be awake. Leaning against the wall by the frame, he listened in. Was a doctor checking up on him...? No, wait... that was Jing's voice. "Well, just try not to dwell on it, yeah? He'll get over himself eventually."

<Clandestine-Assassin>Makota smiled at Jing, "I'll drag him to the north pole if I have to. After all these months, it's the one thing I'm going to dwell on, especially with that ball coming up." he smiled, "I love him... And nothing would make me happier than to go to it with him. I know a good few people who won't like it if we do, but Gui's not abusive. I learned not to pick fights with him, that's a plus." he said with an uneasy laugh. "And I learned several other 'do's and 'don't's... I really, really want to make it work between me and him.... I like him a lot more than I ever did Konoka, and at one point I was planning to marry her! I won't let him slip. I refuse to. I'm stronger than that, and if he isn't, I'll give him space and time... After that ball. I'm going with him. He doesn't have a choice, no matter what he says about it." Makota laughed, "After that I guess I'll head to the north pole... Unless there's a bending teacher in the city."

<Tprinces>Gui was silent, staring at the floor by his feet. Hearing Makota say all that... It ripped open the wounds that were just starting to heal over. He really was stupid, wasn't he? After all that he still wanted to be with him. Said he loved him. That was scary enough on its own. He'd only heard that once or twice from a few freaked out fan girls. Never something like this. He barely registered his cousin's voice. "Ah, that's mean, Makota. Now I won't have anyone to go with!" The two of them shared a laugh. All it did was make Gu want to cry. Again. Damn. "Well... I'm sure there are waterbending teachers in the city. There are plenty of waterbenders, after all. They've got to learn it somewhere."

<Clandestine-Assassin>Makota nodded, "I guess so." he said, "I'm not looking forward to moving out. I've gotten so used to cuddling with Gui in the night... It'll be so weird without him there." he sighed, "But my appartment isn't ready... So I'm back to that filthy motel, now with open wounds... I hope I don't get infected." he mumbled, "But I don't think it'll come to that. I'm stubborn as a armadillo-donkey." He laughed, then his attention turned to a figure in the doorway. The very man that they were talking about, it seemed at first glance.

<Tprinces>Jingfei frowned. "Well... I'm sure we can find someone else who has a place you can stay. I sure won't be letting you stay in that filthy place while you're healing... mm." Running her fingers through her bangs, she blew through her lips in frustration. "Ah! Stupid Gui... He's been my cousin all my life and I still don't understand him sometimes." Gui tilted his head to the side. Did they really think he was going to just let Makota go just like that? He hadn't planned on it... The plan was to make Makota hate him, but he was still going to give him some money to start off with. Find a better place, something like that. His mind went back to some of those nights he and the waterbender had together. How long had it been since Makota moved in, anyway? A week? Two weeks? Gui grit his teeth and rubbed his forehead. Damn. Why did he have to pick him up in the first place. Then all of this could have been avoided. Stupid penis...

<Clandestine-Assassin>He sighed a bit, "I dunno. A pet shop owner doesn't really make all that much, especially since I'm out of business for a month... I won't be able to afford to live anyplace but their, eating bread and drinking tap water." he sighed and shivered at the thought. he looked to the doorway again, and saw Gui, then smiled, "Gui!" he said happily, "Come in! Come in!" he smiled, a surprised and happy look on his face. He was very happy to see Gui, especially since he didn't have to ask Jingfei to drag him there.

<Tprinces>Gui jumped. Crap. He should have been more careful. Instead of turning to look around the corner, he quickly made his way down the hall. Jingfei, who didn't notice at all until Makota pointed it out, hurried after her cousin. But the minute she stepped outside, Gui was already in the elevator and gone from sight. The firebender sighed and turned to Makota. "Well... maybe I can convince him to come again next time..." She walked forward, sitting herself back down beside his bed. "How much do you think he heard?"

<Clandestine-Assassin>He looked down, putting his arms around his knees, and his face in there so she wouldn't see him cry, "U-um.. I don't know..." he mumbled as the tears dropped onto his blanket. Makota was staying as strong as he could, but seeing Gui just avoiding him... It hurt him badly. Makota didn't know which pain was worse: His physical wounds, or being ignored and hated by Gui. Kupo jumped off of the chair he was on and trotted out into the hallway. He ran down the stairs, then sniffed around until he caught Gui's scent and sat where the elevator he was on would open up with a stubborn look on his cat-like face.

<Tprinces>Jingfei looked helplessly at the young waterbender. Walking forward, she sat beside him and did the only thing she could do. Wrap her arms tightly around Makota's shoulders and hug him.//Gui, stepping off the elevator, was suddenly confronted with Makota's polar dog. His eye twitched and he growled. "The hell do you want?" he spat. With hands balled into fists, he stormed past Kupo, making a b-line for the door.

<Clandestine-Assassin>Kupo followed him and kept staring at him, an unpleasant stare to say the least. As Gui walked, Kupo got more and more annoyed, he started to nip at Gui's hands, then bark and growl at him. It was as if Kupo was yelling at Gui and telling him to go back and see Makota. All the while, that same, unpleasant glare was on the dog's face. Kupo, being the devious ass-nugget he is, found a way that Gui couldn't ignore him. He took a running start, then jumped and bit Gui in the rump, ripping his pants and underwear, but had not broken the skin.

<Tprinces>"AH!" Gui cried out in surprise before quickly being hushed by a passing nurse. Glaring, he turned to Kupo, rubbing his hind end with both hands. "What?" he snapped. "You and your master are both nuts. Nuts! I hurt him, don't you get it?! I can't trust myself to be around him!" He then paused, realization hitting him head on. Putting a hand to his forehead, he drew it down, pulling at the bottom of his eyelids. "I am talking to a dog," he said aloud.

<Clandestine-Assassin>Kupo barked, then jumped down and grabbed his pants leg, trying to drag him back to Makota. He barked louder, sounding angry, then pulled harder. A man looked up, "Polar dogs have the best intuition out of any animal, you know." the elderly man said, "You should listen to it if it wants you to go someplace. Some tribes even believe that they're physic, or sent by the spirits to guide us on our paths."

<Tprinces>Gui tried hard to shake the thing from his pant leg, but found it near impossible. When some old coot insisted that one should listen to a polar dog, Gui's face twitched. Raising his leg up, he let the creature dangle by his jaw as he pointed to it. "If this thing is some kind of spiritual compass, consider me atheist..." He turned his glaring eyes to Kupo and tried again to shake him off his leg. "Ugh! Get OFF, will ya?! Stupid mutt – I just had these pants CLEANED!"

<Clandestine-Assassin>Kupo glared at him. The old man looked at him, "You're talking to a man who has seen many miraculous things with all sorts of types. This polar dog looks and acts like the very same one who led me to the woman that became my wife... that dog's name was Kupo... I doubt it's the same dog, but you never know." he smiled before and elderly woman came, took his hand and the two walked out together happily. Kupo glared at the bulge in Gui's pants, then looked back up at Gui, warning him of the next spot he would bite if Gui didn't listen to him.

<Tprinces>Now Gui was one tough guy. But not even he could walk away from something like that with a straight face. Taking a breath, he set his leg down. "Fine. If I go say hello will you leave me the hell alone?" Again, talking to a dog. But whatever. Might as well after everything that's happened.

<Clandestine-Assassin>He barked angrily, as if to ask 'And then?'. Kupo was a stubborn dog, just like his master was a stubborn man. The two fit each other well. Kupo got behind Gui and started pushing him towards the elevator. All the while he was ready to pounce and destroy Gui's precious balls.

<Tprinces>"Ugh... dumb dog." Pulling away from Kupo, Gui made his way back to the elevator, the two heading back up to Makota's floor. But as he rose, his disgust quickly fell to his very true and very harsh feelings of regret. A sigh escaped him and he leaned against the elevator wall, staring at the slowly rising needle above the doors. "Why does he have to love me?" The question was almost to himself. Finally, the elevator dinged. For a moment, Gui didn't step out. He feared it. As though by simply being in the same room with Makota, he'd finish what he started and really kill him. He knew this fear was irrational. What had happened had been an accident. But it was an accident that Gui could have avoided if he kept his head on right. It was an accident that was entirely his fault. With heavy steps (heavier than usual) Gui slowly made his way to Makota's room. He peaked inside. Makota was laying down, and Jingfei was rearranging a vase of flowers beside him. Gui began to have second thoughts. Things were so peaceful in there. Why did he have to ruin it? He didn't need his balls that much, did he? He gave Kupo a look that clearly read: "do I have to?" However, Kupo had made his stance very much clear on the subject. So, after mustering up the courage he needed, Gui stepped inside, hands in his pockets. "Hey." His voice caught the attention of both Jingfei and Makota. He frowned. "Your attack dog is one mean snake shark."

<Clandestine-Assassin>Makota sat up, the covers falling off of his chest and revealing his stitches which had finally begun to heal and started to fall out, "He just likes to see me happy, is all..." He said with a smile as Kupo guarded to door to make sure Gui left on Kupo's terms. Makota smiled encouragingly at Gui, "Come on and sit down... We need to talk about some things." he said. Kupo gave Jingfei a look that said 'We should go'. Makota mind raced a mile a minute despite his calm appearance. What should he say first? What if Gui walked out again? Did Gui love him back? He collected his thoughts, and figured he''d tell him the most important point first, "I don't blame you for what happened, and I never plan to. It was a training accident. We were both high off adrenaline." he said calmly, "In fact, had I been thinking, I would have stopped the fight before the accident. My shoulder was bleeding pretty badly. Nobody's to blame here, Gui. It was something that happened because we were both stupid and misjudging our abilities." he finished.

<Tprinces>Jingfei quickly escorted herself and the polar dog out of the room, shutting the door behind them. Gui, with his arms folded, stared out the window, as though it was the most interesting thing in the world. "Sure. Whatever." Walking over to the sill, he leaned against it, his head slightly out the window now. The breeze gently pushed back some of the hair from his face. "It was an accident. I'm not dumb. And I'd never do it on purpose. But I did do it when I should have stopped myself. Don't try to say differently. So... let's just leave it at that."

<Clandestine-Assassin>Makota sighed, then got out of the bed, unstrapping the wires and such from himself and walked around, trying his best not to limp. He tuned around completely, "Gui, I'm fine now. And that's what matters." he said, "I know that you're blaming yourself.. But don't. And don't try to scare me off again." he said as he walked and stood next to him. "You heard me say something to Jingfei about you that I'm too scared to say to your face. You know how I feel about you, and that won't change, Gui. I'm going to take up water bending again so that even if by chance that does happen, it won't be as bad." he said softly. "I'm doing everything I can to make this work out... I care a lot about you." he said, a blush staining his cheeks, then added to ease the tension, even a little, "Even if you have a fat ass."

<Tprinces>Gui jolted, his lower lip pouting out. "I told you my buttocks are firm and FABULOUS!" However, that little moment of play was doused out quickly and Gui turned his eyes away. "That's good that you'll be taking up waterbending though..." A silence fell between them and Gui shook his head. "What I can't figure out is why." Clearly, he did not mean the waterbending. Gui turned to him, his eyes helpless. "Why would you even... I mean..." He ran his thick fingers through his hair. "I mean... come on, Makota. There have got to be nicer guys than me... You've got to admit that... Guys who would treat you better." It felt like poison on his lips, but he knew the truth behind those words. "You don't deserve an asshole like me."

<Clandestine-Assassin>Makota laughed, "I don't want a nice guy." he said with a smile, "You're perfect for me, actually. You don't like PDA, so I won't turn into a woman, when we're alone, your surprise me and make me feel... I can't even find a word to describe it." he smiled fondly, "But you can also put me in my place if I step out of line, like what you did when I cut Konoka." he nodded. "Believe me, if I were to date a nice guy, I'd be in prison. You know how jealous I get. You can handle it, and even seem to like it when I get hot-headed." he chuckled.

<Tprinces>Gui wanted so badly to argue that. That none of those reasons were valid at all because of what had happened. But in reality, he found those to all be pretty damn good reasons. It bugged him, to be quite frank. Makota was ruining all of his perfectly laid plans to be a self-sacrificing, brooding anti-hero. Finally, he let out a snort and put his hand on Makota's head, ruffling his hair. "You're so damned annoying... And why are you out of bed? Come on." He turned Makota around and pushed him towards the cot, forcing him back under the covers. "Look I've never really done anything like this so... if this is going to work, here are some ground rules." He began to count on his fingers. "First of all, you're not my wife, so don't act like it. Secondly, I don't ask permission for jack squat. If I want to go out and drink at bars, I'm gonna go out and drink at bars. So you either come with me or wait up at home. And thirdly, I will not, under any circumstances, change the color of my drapes. Got it?"

<Clandestine-Assassin>Makota smiled up at him, "I never planned on being your wife, Drinking with you sounds like a hell of a lot more fun than listening to the radio all night, and I never noticed you had drapes." he smiled, leaning up, "I'm not as feminine as you make me out to be, Gui. Hey, you know what would be a lot of fun? If you helped me down at my shop. Mount training seems like it'd be right up your alley." he said, "It's a lot more fun than it sounds, believe me." he said, "Oh, by the way, I'm getting you some sort of domestic bear." he added. Then, he jumped up and hugged him tightly, smiling and closing his eyes. "I'm glad you came around." he said quietly.

<Tprinces>Gui seemed to forget his fourth rule. He will not be getting a pet. But oh well. Reaching down, he pulled Makota into a hug, his lips pressed up against the crux of his neck. It was nice to hold him like this again. Though there was a part of him that was still petrified. Still worried that he would slip and hurt him worse. But that was up to the future, he supposed. Pulling back, he held up a finger. "No bears. I can fit you, I can fit Jing, and I can fit your mutt. But I cannot and will not fit a bear in my house."

<Clandestine-Assassin>Makota blushed at the kiss on his neck, "But it would be so cute." he whined playfully, "It could dance for you, play with your feet..." he sighed happily, simply glad be to back in Gui's arms. He hugged him tightly, burrowing his face into Gui's chest.
Just a little conclusion to what happened with Makota and Gui :heart:

Part 1: [link]

Gui *Tprinces

Makota =Clandestine-Assassin
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